The Merchant dashboard will be your one-stop solution for your engagement with Agora. It is divided into 5 pages.

  1. Home: This page provides you an at-a-glance view of your product metrics and analytics, including impressions, clicks and product opens.

  2. Products: Here you will see all your listings available on Agora. Click on the 'verify' button to select which products you want us to prioritize in our search algorithm. The selected products will appear at the top of relevant searches with a 'verified' tag on them. In order to Verify products you must first select a Subscription plan in the Subscription page. As you scroll down through your products, you will also be able to select which products you want to 'Boost.' Boosting a product provides you with a first-row-spot advertisement with a 'hot' tag on it. You can select which listings to Boost on a daily basis.

  3. Subscriptions: Select your subscription plan with Agora to start verifying products and increasing your store revenue. Our Starter, Pro, and Premium plans vary in a number of things. Refer to the chart in that page for more details. You can switch between plans at anytime. It is worth noting, that Pro and Premium plans feature significant discounts for boosting products. We also feature Enterprise plans that with customized pricing for large-scale Merchants.

  4. Team: Invite a team member to your Merchant Dashboard so they can also monitor your results with Agora.

  5. Settings: Add your payment method and keep track of your transactions with Agora.

If you ever need help, click on your account name on the top right to provide feedback, contact support, or to access additional documentation.

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