How to Upload Your Products from Squarespace

Currently, we automatically index products listings for stores on Shopify and WooCommerce. If your store is on Squarespace follow these steps to get your products onto Agora.

  1. Once you verify your email account and log into the Merchant Dashboard, a window will appear asking you to input your store's API key. An API key is a code used to identify and authenticate your store. To obtain your API key follow step 3.

  2. Log into your Squarespace account.

  3. Click on the store you wish to upload to Agora.

  4. On the menu, click on "settings", and then click on "developer tools."

  5. Click on "developer API keys" and the click on "generate key".

  6. Click "copy key" and then go back to your Agora Merchant Dashboard and paste it into the blank space. You will also be required to input your 'store name,' select 'store location,' and select 'countries store ships to,' through a multi-select dropdown. When done, click "submit."

  7. Agora will index all your store's products. Note that this may take a few minutes. You will then be able to view performance metrics and unlock other benefits on Agora.

If you run into any issues with uploading your Squarespace products, contact support.

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