How long will a product be Boosted for?

Once you have Boosted a product, it will instantly appear on the first row of relevant search queries and in the 'most popular' products section of our site. Boosted products will appear with a 'hot' tag on the product image.

Products will remain boosted until they have received the number of clicks estimated for the daily amount spent. If the 24-hour period elapses and your products still haven't gotten the estimated number of clicks, we will keep them 'Boosted' until they receive them. Additionally, we will only renew the daily charge once the product has received those clicks.

For example, if you choose a daily budget of $1 to boost one product, your estimated number of daily clicks will be 3. If by the end of the 24-hour period your product has not received 3 clicks, we will keep it with the 'hot' tag in the 'most popular' products section and on the first row of relevant search queries until the 3 clicks are obtained. We will only charge you another $1 fee when the product has received its first 3 clicks.

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