How to create a product list

  1. There are two ways to create product lists on Agora:

    1. Via the 'Lists' page

      • Click on the "Lists" button once you are logged in to your account.

      • Click on the 'new list' button. You will be prompted to name your new list. Add the name and click 'submit'.

      • To add products to your list, search for a new product using the search bar or through the home page, and click on a product. Click on the heart symbol next to the product. You will be prompted to select which List you would like to be added to.

    2. Via a product search

      • Search for a product.

      • Click on a product you like.

      • Click on the "heart" symbol next to a product you want to add to a List.

      • You will be prompted to, either create a new list or add the product to an existing one. Select 'new list' and provide a name for it.

      • View your lists on the 'Lists' page on the top right.

    3. Once you have created your lists, share them with friends using your favorite social media platforms, email or via link. To do this, click on the 'share' button located above your lists.

If you run into any issues creating a new list, contact Support.

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