When can I get a refund?

There a few scenarios in which we will refund a Customer with cash or Agora Credits. A customer will get a full refund via credits in the following cases:

  1. Product was never shipped to the customer.

  2. Product never arrived to the customer.

  3. Product was damaged when it arrived at the customer.

  4. Product was unavailable or out of stock at the point of purchase after the transaction was done. In this case, we will only refund you for the products affected in your order, not for the full order.

Agora reserves the right to request evidence before processing a refund. For example, if a product was damaged at the point of arrival, our Support team will ask for some information verify that it was damaged before it arrived at the customer's delivery address.

A customer will get a partial refund via credits in the following cases:

  1. Product was severely delayed, which is defined by arriving more than a week later than expected.

Our team will awards credits based on the above criteria and these will display in your Agora customer profile. We will confirm via email when that has happened after reviewing your case.

If you have any questions, contact Support.

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